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#TBT from PMC3 in August of 2012! Here’s some pictures of me with the Samurai Cast, David Yost, some Wild Force Rangers and the cosplayers!

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Aug 22. 31 Notes.

Deleted newsheadlinetextpost lines from Guardians of the Galaxy

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Cybertronians Doctors
…do you need a treatment?

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Irma (short film)

Irma Gonzalez is an old ‘luchadora’ (female wrestler) who bears the marks of a life spent battling in the ring, performing daredevil moves. Every day she goes to the gym to rehearse the moves that made her a star. Children watch her curiously. Somewhere in the distance, a song plays: Irma was once a singer, too. In her memory, grainy images of old television clips flicker. Shot in Mexico City, the film is a tender portrait of the multi-talented luchadora and an unusual meditation on athleticism and aging.

Interview with director of Irma, Charles Fairbanks.

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I am groot.

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